Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Brrrr. It was 24 degrees here in the north suburbs today. This might be the coldest November I've seen since moving here. Last night I made a big batch of corn chowder.

Here is the first of several table runners I am making for gifts. I'm looking for creative ideas for the next batch. I want to do table runners and placemats for three families who know each other, it would be nice if they weren't all the same. If you have any idea or can point me to a pattern, I'd be grateful. I haven't done a lot of these kinds of projects in the past, and I don't really care for fusible applique, but I'd be willing to consider it for this kind of work.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're keeping warm!


Melinda said...

It is colder there than it is here in Sweden but it is snowing here!

MOLLY said...

It's cold in Texas, but not THAT cold. That Corn Chowder does sound good. You should share your recipe. Tablerunners for friends--WOW--wanna be MY friend? LOL keep us posted!

Rhonda said...

Hi ther Danielle! So you want to be a Virtual Wannabee,uh? Looking at you blog, you sure are off to a great start. You have our logo already on your sidebar :-}! Now just post about a couple of your wacky experiences and link back to the WackyPack blog. Visit as often as you like because we are always up to something. You are in! Hooray!!!!!

Kathy said...

burrrrrr....That's cold! It has been cold today in Texas, but hey, we'll wait ten minutes and the weather will change again -- LOL!

Love that table runner. The recipients are going to LOVE these gifts.

BTW--Glad to see you are a Virtual Wacky! Enjoy the ride!