Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Big Day

Today is the big day. Not the REALLY big day, that will be at the end of the month. But it's big enough. In a few hours I will chair the first meeting of the 2009 ECQG Executive Committee Chairs. These are some impressive women. Some of them have quilted longer than I have been an adult. Many of them have belonged to this guild longer than I have been a mother. In fact, for years I have said I would not stand for president in this group because I lack the gravitas that comes from being older and/or more established in the community. But the truth is, I love this guild. I love these women, and I really wanted to serve in whatever way the outgoing board required, so I was happy to be a vice president for Melinda and now president this year. (I PROMISE! After this year is over I am duct taping my hands to my belt so I can't raise them to volunteer, again.)

So I'm a little nervous, a little proud, and very eager to learn what the coming year will be. I have a great Executive Committee to work with, many of these women volunteered to work alongside me in spite of very busy schedules of their own, and I am honored. I'm VERY pleased that someone I have liked and admired for several years is going to be my vice president. You'll be hearing more about Pat in the months to come, I feel certain. We have mucked through some trenches together, and now we are hoping to ride smoothy down the road toward our quilt show in September.

So... if you think of me today, say a prayer for me that the grace I have been given will be abundant and evident to all.


Gina said...

Good Luck

love and hugs Gina xxx

Melinda said...

You did great today and will have a wonderful year. I have complete confidence in you.

Beth said...

You will do great...well, since this is late, I'm sure you did great!