Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mystery Solved: Sherwood Forest Romance

I finished applying the borders for my mystery quilt. This quilt is BIG (83 x 110) so big in fact that I had trouble finding a floor space large enough to lay it down on, you can see the borders are bunched up a bit in the picture. I think I might cut it down some in the end. I think there is too much green dwarfing the center of the quilt. If it were a light border as the original mystery called for and it could be quilted with a design to compliment the center design it would be wonderful to have a 10" border to work with but as things stand I think 8" might be sufficient. I'm going to put it aside in my pile of things to be quilted and make that call when I come to it again.

Putting this Debbie Caffrey mystery together was great fun. Thanks to Melinda and Maetha at Tiny Stitches for planning the mystery tour.


Peach Rainbow said...

WOW! It is beautiful & very colorful.

Beginning Quilting said...

This is absolutely a wonderful quilt! I love the name of this project. Sheerwood forest romance definitely suits this gorgeous quilt. Great choices of fabrics. Keep up the good work! :)