Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eye am watching you...

I have found that sketching during talks helps me keep my mind in the topic at hand.  It's funny how that happens for me.  Since my surgery if I don't keep the quiet part of my mind busy it can wander and distract me completely.  I have started taking sermon notes in my sketch book, so the notes and drawings grow along with one another.  LOL  A sermon on Dt. 6 involved an eye drawing, which was the result of a very long and a still not final eye appointment last week.  

Funny my eyes aren't green but look like that here.
I think Mavens thought my time with crayons was funny.

The next day I took that picture of my eye and then during Mavens I re-drew the drawing this time using color to flesh it out (literally).  

Then, I started playing with fabric.

I think this is going to be a postcard.  Ask me how you can get it!

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