Monday, October 29, 2007

Forgive me fibers, for I have sinned...

Sometime ago I found myself longing to have something ready for "show and tell" at my quilt guild's meetings. Unfortunately, I had been in a significant lull and hadn't actually made a quilt in more than a year. I hadn't even made a quilt top.

I made a decision on that night to set some goals and get something done. I'd been told that if you want to really change something in your life, you should confess it publicly, so at the next guild meeting I confessed that I was going to make a change and start quilting again. That same month, I took a class and decided I would report monthly on the progress of that quilt until I finished it.

Ten months have passed, that quilt top is pieced, but still waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. It's a gift for my dear daughter and I hope to have it done for Christmas. I continue to make regular confessions about it...

In the mean time I have made more quilts this year than I've made in the past 3 years put together, including finishing a UFO, making a quilt completely from my stash (a new accomplishment for me) and making a quilt that hung in our quilt show last month.

Confession is good for the soul... I'm looking forward to sharing my progress with you.

Thanks for stopping by.

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