Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Bluebird of Happiness

The Piecemakers has a member whose house burned down this past year. It was a terrible thing and we all wanted to do something special for her. Some of us had already made house block quilts for our 2007 exchange and so we decided to each make more blocks and put together a special quilt for Betty.

We set it all together during a bee meeting and then I got it to put on some applique borders. I knew what I really wanted to do was black borders with bright flowers, but the group sent me white fabric. I struggled with it for weeks before finally going back and saying "I'd like to use black." Asking for what you want is a good thing. The final touch was the bluebird of happiness flying in to bring good tidings to Betty.

I hope that bird makes it's way into all our lives this year.

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