Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Confession Time Again

So, way back when I started this blog I told you about the quilt I'm making for my daughter, and have been making for 14 months now It's blush and bashful (pink and pink for the non-Steel Magnolia fans among my readers) but there isn't a shy thing about this quit.

Since I last confessed, I sandwiched the quilt and put it aside with all my usual fears and insecurities about my ability to do a good job quilting it. Then I decided I wanted to work on my house quilt, but looked guiltily at Kay's quilt sitting in the rocking chair waiting for quilting. I had hoped it would be a Christmas present, but didn't finish it. Guilt. Shame. Fear and trepidation.

Enough already, I have more UFOs than I can count and I've decided that I'd rather have completions than perfection. A friend told me recently I just don't have enough practice to do what I can see in my head. She's more right than she knows. My dreams far outreach my skills. (I have a niggling feeling I'd be a good designer, if I could find someone else to make the quilts!) So I decided it was okay to finish the quilt, which she will probably only love for another couple of years, given it's little girl appeal. If I don't do as good a job as I'd like, well maybe I'll learn a few lessons and do better on the next one (which, God willing, will be my house quilt!)

Today I finished doing the stitch (near) the ditch quilting and started doing detail work (feathers) in the melon shaped pieces. At this rate, which is surely not likely to continue due to my schedule over the next few days, I could be finished quilting it next week.


Wendy said...

Just saw your post...the title of the post that I just left on my blog was titled "Completion and Confession" Funny!

Teresa said...

A pretty quilt and I can't wait to see how the feather stitching looks. Feathers are way beyond my skill level at this point.

swooze said...

That is really pretty. WHo's pattern did you follow?

Danielle said...

Thanks Swooze.

Sharyn Craig came to our guild and taught her technique for the improved 9 patch. I created the set myself.

Teresa said...

Hi, thanks for the post on my blog. I appreciate your suggestion on the feather too. My biggest problem with free motion quilting is I can't get the tension right. The bobbin is always too tight or something...anyway the top thread is pulled. I have tried different needles and different tension settings. Therefore I usually just stick to something I can use my walking foot with. I would have emailed this to you, but I didn't see an email address.

Caryn said...

Beautiful quilt! I have the same issues but just keep reminding myself "finished is better than perfect" Besides how else to perfect your skills but practice?