Sunday, October 26, 2008

Confession Time

I took some time off. From blogging. From quilting. From quite a few things.

It's been good. I had a great summer, and a I'm enjoying the early fall. So what HAVE I been doing?

I took some good classes, spent several days with Mary Lou Weidman, and collected projects in my head. I cleaned out my "fabric room". (Couldn't call it sewing room, because there was NO SPACE to put a sewing table in there.) Now I can at least stand in there and still think clearly. I sorted through my UFO bin. I gave away a few things I know I will never finish. I took apart a quilt top that has been languishing for 9 or more years, I love the blocks, but hated the setting, so now I have a quilt's worth of really pretty blocks to think about setting. I made an initial decision about the Marti Michelle block of the month pattern I did last year. (I never liked the way the pattern had the blocks set with log cabin blocks zig zagging through the rows, but I love the blocks.) I pulled out two finished quilt tops that I liked well enough to want to quilt pretty much as is. Finally, last week, I finished my daughter's pink and white quilt, well, I finished the quilting. I need to cut and bind it. All of which will happen in the next couple of weeks so it will be ready to be wrapped and put under the tree in time for Christmas. I completed all the blocks for the 2008 Piecemaker's exchange, and have started laying out the design for completing my quilt top from that exchange.

Finally, I got Melinda's president quilt put together with the help of a few friends from the guild, and it is being quilted as I write.

Pictures to follow, but I felt the need to plunge in and get the blog re-started.

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