Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

I am finally sewing again. After seeing "Georgia Celebrates Quilts" just over a week ago, I was highly motivated to play with fabric. While I was there, I saw Mary Ellen from Little Quilts do a demonstration on a tool for making hunter's star blocks. Now, before you even think it, let me say it: I hate single purpose tools. Unitaskers as my guru Alton Brown likes to refer to them.

I fight hard against the impulse to buy such tools. Really. But this ruler is very cool. It only makes hunter's star blocks, so if you're not interested in that pattern then you're not in danger of falling in love. But if you've ever wanted to make a quilt from this pattern and have been intimidated about it, let me encourage you to at least LOOK at Deb Tucker's Rapid Fire Hunter's Star Ruler

I have been collecting fabrics ranging from cream to biscuit, to caramel, to chocolate, to coffee and even deeper almost but not quite black for some time. (No snarky comments about the descriptive words, I can't help it if they all describe colors so well and HAPPEN to be tasty, too.) I have known that I would someday make a quilt from them, I thought maybe a log cabin, or maybe a bear paw. In truth there is enough fabric to make a few quilts. But no quilts HAD been made. So I decided to drag them out and start cutting. In just a few hours I had made several hunter's star blocks. It will be a scrappy 2 color quilt. I'm already loving it.

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