Friday, October 9, 2009


This is my completed quilt top "Coneflowers". It has some issues, places where the color selection might have been better. When I look at this picture as a thumbnail, it all works perfectly, but when you look at it full size (and when you look at the quilt) the transitions are not as nice and you don't see plainly where the petals join the center on the flower in the front. I am debating whether to change the fabrics, or live with it.

Next month ECQG is bringing Linda Fiedler in and she'll be teaching thread painting for one of her workshops. I might use this piece as an experiment for that technique. Perhaps I can shade some of those weaker transitions to help them along? For right now, I'm claiming a victory. I've taken a workshop and completed the top from that class in record time. Woohoo!


Ruth Powers said...

Congrats on finshing so quickly! It's a great first attempt and you have identified areas to be improved on text time. Quilting or thread painting will help to address the issues you mentioned. It will be wonderful!

Rhonda said...

Hi Danielle......we haven't heard from you in awhile...hope all is well.
Take care.