Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I might get to feel March before it's fully past...

It has been an interesting month.  So many of you have been encouraging, both here and in my email and I am incredibly grateful.  I am glad for those who have been able to drop by and visit with me, drop off meals and red socks and mail cards and email.  It is incredible, I will never be able to tell you all how much it made a difference in my healing but I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through March without it.  Thank you very much.

The truth is that this recovery has been much more challenging than I really was ready for.  The surgery went very well and the success was exactly where the doctors had hoped it would be.  I expected that would mean that my healing would go quickly, too.  I was naive.  The drugs I have been taking have been rough.  They specifically try to make the healing happen slowly and completely which I will be very grateful for as my life regathers but it's been challenging in the meantime.  Today is my last day taking the steroids which means (hopefully) one more week of my body saying "why are you changing the dose amount" and then perhaps I can get on with getting better.  That would be awfully nice!

Melinda and I have taken a pic together every year, even this one!
Last week I had a lovely morning with the Mavens.  Every year we go to the Bullock Hall quilt show where many of us hang quilts, but I decided I shouldn't go so everyone else could go and not worry about having to take me home in the middle.  Melinda talked some sense into me and said I was going and she didn't care if she had to drive me home.  I'm so grateful for her love and encouragement and common sense.  We went to the show and had a great time.  Bullock Hall seems to have gotten smaller in the past several years which worked out well for me.  I got to see every quilt which was lovely and then we even stopped for some lunch before coming home.  I promise you I slept for the rest of Monday but it was such a special treat to get to go do something normal!

Also last week I had to move some things in my studio because there was a roof leak that was seeping through the ceiling in there.  It was interesting, my strength lasted for about 15 minutes or so and then I would rest for anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours.  Even so, over the course of several days I managed to make the room very livable which is great because I hope to start sewing again sometime as my strength improves!  I even found two projects that need some help that I could do while not actually sewing.  While sitting in the kitchen with Melinda and Lynda I managed to unsew a few seams.  Not as much fun as sewing but the first sewing project I've turned to since 2012 started!  I'll load up some pics of them when I get the chance.


Anonymous said...

In my prayers.

Todd from GE's

Love Of Quilts said...

Fabulous news! You are looking good so glad you were able to get out and enjoy your day with friends.