Friday, December 12, 2008

ECQG Happenings

Today was Melinda's last day as president of the guild, it is the tradition of the guild to thank the outgoing president with a quilt, a project the 1st vice president (yours truly) chairs. If you know Melinda, then you know that lime green is a neutral, as far as she is concerned. There was no way we could make a quilt for her that didn't have at least a little bit of lime green! I chose the split 9-patch block and got to work on EQ deciding how to color it and set the blocks for an interesting quilt. Many thanks to Betty Alonsious for doing the quilting, it really made the piece come alive. It's been hard not to share with you the pictures as this quilt was coming together, but since Melinda is my most faithful reader, I couldn't possibly!

Also today, I was elected president of the ECQG. It's hardly a surprise, being first vice president usually (but not always) means that you will be elected as president in the following year. It's an honor, really, we've got 250 members, many of whom I've had the pleasure of knowing personally and serving alongside in one capacity or another. I am sorry to see Melinda step aside as president, she has done a wonderful job, and leaves me with VERY big shoes to fill.

The ECQG 2009 raffle quilt.

The biggest event on the horizon is our 2009 quilt show "Georgia Celebrates Quilts". If you are able to get to the Atlanta area for this wonderful show, you will see quits that rival those in the Nashville show. In addition to my "day job" as guild president, I am also co-chair of the set-up/take-down committee. Which means I get to see a blank convention hall transform in just over 24 hours into a beautiful quilt show. (What takes 24 hours to set up comes down in about 3 hours... it's AMAZING.)

Kathy got the owl pin cushion I made, and she seems to like it!


Gina said...

Beautiful quilts. Congratulations on becoming President

love and hugs Gina xxx

Beth said...

Wow, what a great going away gift!
Congrats Madame President~!