Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Licks

I stopped a few inches shy of the end, so I could share the joy of finishing the binding on Mimi's quilt with you. Coming to the end of such a long unfinished project is a great victory as well as a great joy. I had hoped to finish the binding on Friday and get it in the mail, but instead, I'll take my victory lap today. One more quilt with a binding to sew down, and three table runners to quilt and I'm done with Christmas sewing. Wahoo!

In case you forgot what the front of this quilt looks like:


Rhonda said...

I knew you could do it! It always feels great to finish projects. Hoooooorrrrraaaaayyyyy!

Anne Ida said...

Thank you for sharing the last inches of the binding - love those last few ones after doing a big quilt *lol* Congratulations on a beautiful finish! It is gorgeous, and I'm sure your sister will LOVE it!