Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I have my suspicions, but nobody has really claimed responsibility for this little project, hearts just started arriving in my home.  Sometimes carried in by a friend, sometimes delivered by the US Mail.  It has been great fun.  I have amassed quite a collection and I am so very grateful. It has been sweet to receive each and every heart, some of them took quite a bit of work, I imagine and they all carry with them the kind thoughts and healing prayers of the quilters in my life.

Melinda went out and bought me some ribbon (those of you who read her blog will NOT be surprised to hear that it is red with white polka dots) and teeny tiny clothespins with which to attach the hearts to the "clothesline".  I am planning to take this with me to UAMS for my surgery.  They may not let me hang it up in the ICU but Lynda will make sure it is hung up as soon as possible.

Not all the hearts were signed, but I want to give thanks to the following ladies who have gone out of their way to encourage me since my last surgery:

Stella (one she made herself and one that is from both Stella and her wonderful husband Charlie)
Jo Ann

 I am blessed, indeed.  Thank you, all.

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