Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How I Know I'm Getting Better

Sharon Schamber and a beautiful red quilt.
On Friday I took a chance and went to the East Cobb Quilters' Guild meeting, mostly because they had a teacher I really wanted to see give a lecture.  I was really bummed at not being strong enough to take a class with Sharon Schamber, but I was glad to see her quilts and hear her talk about her design methods.  It was very exciting to hear her talk about how she perceives color, too.  She is the first adult I've ever heard say some of the things I've experienced in color.  While she seems to see auras, which I don't, she is overwhelmed by color in ways that I sometimes am.  I sometimes experience colors along with emotions, words, and experiences.  Most of her lecture focused on how the colors she experiences end up her quilts.  It was very cool indeed.  I spoke to her for a minute or two after the lecture and told her how encouraging it was to hear from another person who feels color in unusual ways like I have since I was a kid.  She also offered a healing energy exercise so that God could be active on my brain and asked me what color I was experiencing and when I said it was green she laughed and said that was the color of healing.  It was pretty cool.

I have a few pics from the meeting, they were not great pics, but if you sense how great her quilts are, let me encourage you to go to YouTube where many of her lessons are presented in video.  She said a couple of times during her lecture how she makes all her techniques available to people for free.  If you admire anything you've seen here, I encourage you to go look at some of her lesson videos.

Going to the meeting undid me.  I did some serious resting for the weekend AND I finally came off the awful drug.  The good news is that doing so didn't cost me as much physically as it did the last time I tried, and in fact I am remarkably better this week than I have been all along.  It's a good sign that real recovery will happen with better engines from here on out.  Thanks so much to all of you who have encouraged me and gotten me through the worst of my post-surgical experiences.

Here are some pictures of Sharon's applique, quilting designs and a couple of large quilts, one with detail shots.


Linda said...

That is so beautiful!
I'm so glad you're healing and feeling better!

Anonymous said...

So good to see you blogging! Those quilts are absolutely exquisite. Glad to hear you are getting stronger each day and able to do more. I am continuing to pray for you.

Anne from MS

Love Of Quilts said...

This is good news...you are getting out and enjoying the quilting again hopefully it won't be long before you can do the quilting yourself. She has made some remarkably pretty quilts. I like seeing them. I just don't have it in me to make something with this much work in it. I tend to go more simpler as I am not really a good quilt maker.

Jolene Shindler said...

I totally understand what you are feeling. I just went to Sharon's classes over the weekend. I have been suffering with a post surgical tragedy and while I was sewing she picked up on my pain. She also knew that I have a gift f color reading but I have never formally been schooled. After all the students left, I stayed to speak with her and the owner of the sewing store. Sharon is so knowledgable not just about quilting or garment structure but in color. How color works in our lives and the power of the energy behind color. Like you, I feel better this week than I have in three years. Thank you for sharing you experience because I feel color like you do and not all people get it!! <>