Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Well, That Didn't Work

 While cleaning up the studio space (which will soon become Kay's bedroom and I'll be moving the studio across the hall to her current bedroom space) I found a lot of things that were practice pieces or workshop try-outs.  I found this block.  I'll be darned if I can remember which teacher had us doing it.  It's got paper scraps in some of the seams, so it was obviously paper pieced.  I love red and would love to use this block, maybe as a round robin style setting.  I love doing groups of borders around a single block.  I also found a ziplock bag with green square in a squares.  I thought they would work.  I put them aside to try with the block.

Last week I put the center block and the setting blocks on the design wall together.  I had six of the square in square blocks.  I could make some more and get the first border done.  Making 10 of them wouldn't take any time at all, right?  LOL  I'm still doing things on the not so impressive schedule of getting things done.  First I had noticed that these blocks had the same background fabric as the center block.  I realized I must have thought of this back when I made the block.  Funny that apparently the same thought came to me then.  I looked through my fabric and miraculously managed to find both the background fabric (not much of it) and the green fabric in my stash.  WOW!  So I made 10 more squares and surrounded the block with them on the design wall.

At which point I decided I HATED them.  Hmmm.  Well, this is maturity.  Deciding before I sew the quilt together with borders I know I'm not going to like it.  This shade of green with this shade of red brown and yellowish cream does not work for me.

So now, I'm thinking about what I might do in the future with this block, and putting the new square in squares back in the ziplock.   There will be another 12" block to be bordered at some point.  Now I can move on a bit.  Also, I'm almost done cleaning the stack & whack quilt top and I've figured out the backs for that one and the one I'm giving to Melinda to quilt.  Today I'll be taking on a new project that I'm hoping to do for a friend's birthday, something really small but fun.  Hopefully I'll have something to say about it (and maybe even pictures) before the end of the week.

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