Friday, February 11, 2011

Chain, Chain, Chain

When I started making these blocks I thought I would set them as they are shown on the right. I love chains. I love all quilts with a strong diagonal design, really. I'm making this one for a friend going through a difficult divorce. I hope to have it finished by the time he has found a new place to live.

When I had finished a few of the blocks I laid them down and took a picture of them side by each and I really like how they look this way, too. You lose the diagonal appeal but you see so much more of the green. Of course I lose a lot of the blank space for quilting. I had hoped to use this as an opportunity to practice some serious motifs. On the other hand, if I don't have as much quilting, I can be sure to have it done in time.

Decisions, decisions.


Home Made Quilts By Granny said...

I love chains to and I like the diagonal lines are going to lose all that beauty if you go the other way....just my thoughts. Trish

sharon said...

Chains are fun to sew and quilt. Love your color choice.
Keep on quilting.

MrsDragon said...

I love the diagonal chain. I like how strong the color is in the other layout, but the chain has a simple elegance. : )