Friday, February 25, 2011

Chocolate Covered Cherries

This week has just been as crazy as all get out. I've accomplished very little of what I was aiming for and obviously I haven't been writing, but I do have something to share today. I got Chocolate Covered Cherries sandwiched in preparation for when my Bernina returns home. I can't wait to start quilting on it, although I confess when I started laying it out I wasn't at all clear about what I was going to do. That changed as the day went along.

I have a friend who wondered what it was like to sandwich a quilt, so I took pics along the way.

I have been loving Hobbs Wool batting but this time I decided to try Dream Wool. It seems like it might be heavier than the Hobbs, I plan to quilt this piece quite densely, I'm looking forward to seeing how it quilts up.

I tend to get carried away with the pinning. There are worse bad habits in quilting, I suppose.

I have always admired quilts with grid pattern quilting in the backgrounds and I've never done one. As I laid this quilt down I realized it would be perfect for it. I'm a little intimidated about the amount of work it will require but it will be worth it. I really love this quilt, it was the mystery quilt from last year's Tiny Stitches retreat (it's about time to get it quilted, eh?) and the colors and the pattern really appeal to me a lot. It's worth the extra work.


Marj said...

I really like the red-White & black fabrics. Will be checking back to see how the quilting is going.

Home Made Quilts By Granny said...

I trust you can do it....its so pretty...grid pattern is something I have never done will enjoy seeing your. Trish

Linda said...

I am quilting a background grid right now and I am loving it so much. Its easy and the result is awesome.

sharon said...

The red, white and black combination is SEW beautiful.

I made one for my son in the same color pattern, I never thought about it, but you are right - Chocolate covered cherries is a great way to describe it.