Monday, February 7, 2011

Pressed On All Sides

My iron is dying. I really have nothing to complain about. She's been a great workhorse for many years. I bought her back when I first got married 14 years ago. A few years back she sprung a leak, but I could still put water in her as long as I didn't fill it past 3/4 cup full. But now she's just not getting as hot as she used to. I've been slow accepting this truth but it was time to shop for a new iron.

Melinda and I have talked about it and she recommended buying the least expensive heaviest iron I could find. I do have to admit though I was rather seduced by the fancy colored lights on this model and stopped my search for something heavier or cheaper once I'd found it. (Perhaps I was part cat in another life? I am easily distracted by sparkly things.)

I am honorably discharging my old iron, and commissioning the new one today.

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